Meridian : By Amber Kizer

Half-human, half-angel, Meridian Sozu has a dark responsibility.

Sixteen-year-old Meridian has been surrounded by death ever since she can remember. As a child, insects, mice, and salamanders would burrow into her bedclothes and die. At her elementary school, she was blamed for a classmate’s tragic accident. And on her sixteenth birthday, a car crashes in front of her family home—and Meridian’s body explodes in pain.

Before she can fully recover, Meridian is told that she’s a danger to her family and hustled off to her great-aunt’s house in Revelation, Colorado. It’s there that she learns that she is a Fenestra—the half-angel, half-human link between the living and the dead. But Meridian and her sworn protector and love, Tens, face great danger from the Aternocti, a band of dark forces who capture vulnerable souls on the brink of death and cause chaos.

This book had a really slow start but as i progressed i was very impressed with the uniqueness of it. I admit i did have the ‘jeepers’ for a few days because this book was semi creepy but who wouldn’t love a paranormal romance such a this. Plus fantasy, fantasy and a little religion thrown in there. Once again  like the book “forest of hands and teeth’ although they have two different authors they both discretely thrown in their views on certain Christians. Before i get to offensive or personal let me move on to the actual review or just sum this book up real quickly.
Since she was younger Meridian always seemed to be attracted to death, or  in other ways death was attracted to her. When she hits 16 her family surprsignly pack up and jet off and leave her to fend for herself in search of some lost family memeber. Later on in the book she finds out that she a Fenestra – half angel half angel. Someone who’s just a guide for the dead to the other room. The whole book then concludes or starts to get juicy with Meridian and her love/guardian fight against the arch enemies.. evil forces known as Aternocti.


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