Luna By Julie Ann peters

Regan’s brother Liam can’t stand the person he is during the day. Like the moon from whom Liam has chosen his female namesake, his true self, Luna, only reveals herself at night. In the secrecy of his basement bedroom Liam transforms himself into the beautiful girl he longs to be, with help from his sister’s clothes and makeup. Now, everything is about to change-Luna is preparing to emerge from her cocoon. But are Liam’s family and friends ready to welcome Luna into their lives? Compelling and provocative, this is an unforgettable novel about a transgender teen’s struggle for self-identity and acceptance.






Before i read this book, i sort of disliked transsexuals. I thought they were groce but this book just opened up my heart to them. Julie put the readers in a transsexuals point of view and helped us understand that transsexuals weren’t just lustful people. They had feelings also. The main character; Luna, is really a girl trapped in a boys body. She spends most of her life trying to keep her identity a secret till finally she’s had enough. She starts to become public, her/his sister now, stands by his sister all the time but the pressure is starting to break down.The book itself is a masterpiece, i can’t say much or I’d spoil the book, i cried like a baby after finishing this book, i had to read it over and over again. My heat goes out to all gays/lesbian/transsexuals, any people in that manner. With life already being a struggle imagine being trapped in your own body and trying to pretend to be someone else? 5 out of 5 stars. ❤


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